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We are pleased to introduce a few of the couples and birth mothers who recently have worked with Hopeful Beginnings

Our Placed Stories

Birth Mother’s Stories Placed Stories

Birth Mother's Stories


I came to St. Mary’s 14 years ago when I was pregnant, knowing full well that I was not ready to be a mom just yet. I thought about the pros and cons of adoption, but I knew that I was ready. I came to the agency the last month of my pregnancy...

My Birth Mother Story

I found out I was pregnant in December 2006. I did not know what I had gotten myself into at that point. All I remember is I was scared and didn’t know where to turn. I knew I had options and that I had to consider the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy. I was...

My Birth Mother Story

At sixteen, a junior in high school, I found myself pregnant. Knowing other teenage girls in school who were pregnant before I was, I would have never dreamed that something like that would happen to me. Scared, terrified, and nervous are just some of the feelings I was going through at first. My...

My Birth Mother Story
paris 1 400215240

My son’s dad had passed away before I even knew that I was pregnant. And that was really hard on me. You can’t raise a baby just on love, it’s more than that. I wanted him to have the best life possible.

What I Thought Vs. Reality

Prior to getting pregnant, I believed adoption had this negative connotation. From what I saw in the media, and even within my own family, adoption was a mother abandoning her child and never seeing the child again. I pictured a mother putting her baby in a blanket and putting it on the steps...

My Birth Mother Story
Open Adoption & Strong Relationship With Her Son And The Family She Picked To Raise Him

My son’s dad passed away before I knew I was pregnant. That was really hard on me. You can’t raise a baby just on love-its more than that. I wanted him to have the best life possible. I financially could not support him as well. The social worker at Hopeful Beginnings made all...

My Birth Mother Story

Placed Stories

Sam & Natalie
Melissa and Charlie 2023
Charlie & Melissa
stephanie john baby
Stephanie & Jon
Ryan Steve Silas Piper compressed
Ryan & Steve
eric lisa baby
Eric & Lisa
Michael  Inga adoption
Inga & Michael

Inga & Michael welcomed Paige into their lives in the Fall of 2021.

Sean & Ann

Sean & Ann welcomed Madison to their home!

parents with baby
Ruby & Ricardo

Ruby and Ricardo welcomed baby girl Zoey into their home!

Lauren & Andrew

Lauren, Andrew, and big brother Addison welcomed baby girl Maeve to their home!

parents with two kids
Michael & Blake

Michael, Blake and big sister Paige welcomed Lucia home! “The adoption process has been an amazing process for us. That a birth mother is trusting us and giving us the opportunity to raise their child and welcome them as part of our family is something for which we are not only extremely thankful...

Our Family Story
Gosia & Lukasz

Gosia & Lukasz and big brother Oliver welcomed Henry. “Our adoption experience has been amazing and still is every day. Thanks to St. Mary’s and their wonderful staff, we have been blessed to have two little dudes join us to form our family. We get to experience all the joys (and pains) of...

Our Family Story
Brad and Lisa
Brad & Lisa

Brad and Lisa welcomed Wes home! When we met, and for about five years after we were married, we dreamed of becoming parents. While we were not able to conceive a child on our own, we eventually decided that our path to parenthood was through adoption. After researching several adoption agencies, we sat...

Our Family Story
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