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Hopeful Beginnings of St. Mary’s Services was established in 1887, with the vision of providing every child a good home. We continue this mission with adoption services and maternity counseling services.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Happy Mother’s Day by Julia Kitzinger Mother’s Day is soon approaching, and it just feels right to give a shout out to all the mammas out there. Mothers do so much for their families and make all sorts of sacrifices for their kids, and most of those sacrifices go unnoticed. This day is…

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Child Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse is an ugly thing: this is a fact that most of the world can agree on. However, there is a form of child abuse – the beatings with objects, the hitting and physical abuse – that is most prevalent in the media and dramatized in movies and shows. In these depictions,…

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Hoping to Adopt 15

Maternal Mental Health

The Blue Dot  ( has become a symbol of solidarity for families that have experienced perinatal mood disorders. Hopeful Beginnings is proud to offer free counseling services that help empower and heal families. Here is a testimony from a past client: “When I first started counseling services, I remember constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed…

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Mom’s Balance

Balance. A buzzword right now on social media platforms, specifically geared towards mothers. Mothers are encouraged to find a balance of self-care, tending to the needs of children, and possibly even a career outside of the home. As mothers, we are told, “treasure every moment, it goes by so fast” and we see…

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One child vs two

One versus Two When I tried to picture what parenting two babies under two years old would look like, I could only imagine utter chaos. I saw myself holding two screaming babies. Everyone, including me, was covered in tears. And poop. As a pregnant momma, I struggled to fathom having any further responsibilities…

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What are the signs of Perinatal Depression

Depression or anxiety that occurs during pregnancy is called perinatal depression or perinatal anxiety. Perinatal depression can include symptoms such as; frequent crying, mood swings, irritability, extreme fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, loss of sexual interest, anxiety, appetite changes, negative scary thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness and despair. Perinatal anxiety includes symptoms similar…

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