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Being a great dad means caring

Dad and blond child

Being a great dad means caring

Being a great Dad means caring, compassionate love every day, noticing your children and what they like, and being inquisitive about the different things that are meaningful to them.  They adore your attention and know when you are truly with them, not only physically, but rather when you are completely “in the moment with them.”  In speaking with a working Dad with 3 children, from the time he picks his children up from school, he doesn’t do any emails, absolutely no computer work, but devotes that time of being in the moment with his children until he reads to them and puts them to bed.  Is this a new world phenomenon?  Possibly a new U.S. phenomena as children who are raised this way have better self-esteem, less social problems, and believe in themselves.

A short article, written by Sophie Hardach talks about the father role in Africa:

“The Aka tribesmen in the Central African Republic often look after their young children while the mothers are out hunting. They soothe, clean and play with their babies, and spend more time holding them than fathers in any other society. Their devotion has earned them the title of “the world’s best dads”. So it seems that they are the “role model” of society today!”  So kudo’s to Dads all over the world who value their children and realize that taking the time with them is more valuable than anything!

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