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Benefits of an Open Adoption

open adoption

Benefits of an Open Adoption

When I think about our open adoption through Hopeful Beginnings today as we have navigated through these days of COVID uncertainty, one idea is 100% certain. We have the BEST open adoption for us!

Hopeful Beginnings continues to support our birth mother with any issues around her new family as well as helping her to advocate for social-emotional growth and maturity as a mother.

We all continue to grow in love with:

Opportunities to spend time with our family at the apple orchard, pumpkin farm, and playground.

Benefits for the birth family by having our adopted family over for a summer Barbeque complete with a water play table for our child.

Trusting Relationships and Bonding between the child and her birth mother when both adoptive parents are working from home upstairs during the pandemic, and there is one-one time spent between birth mother and child alone downstairs.

Hopeful Beginnings has helped all of us to nurture the relationship between birth mother and child and also between the parents and grandparents. Our child will always know her story from the very beginning. Her story is all about lots of love from so many of us.

No one knows what the future will hold, but we know that we will always remain a part of our child’s life.

Thank you Hopeful Beginnings for teaching us about the opportunities, benefits, trusting relationships, and bonding involved in our beautiful love journey.

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