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Birth mothers story of an unplanned pregnancy

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Birth mothers story of an unplanned pregnancy

Melanie’s Story (Name has been changed)
Melanie discovered she was pregnant late into her 3rd trimester. After discussing her options
with her parents, she made the brave decision to consider adoption for her unborn child.
Melanie had goals she still wanted to accomplish in life and did not feel she was ready to raise a
child. She also wanted her child to grow up in a stable, two-parent household and felt adoption
was the best option. After reaching out to a local adoption agency and not getting a callback,
Melanie and her family felt concerned, anxious and a variety of other emotions as delivery was
coming closer as each day passed. Their second call was to Hopeful Beginnings of St. Mary’s
Services where they were able to speak with a social worker immediately. The social worker
provided comfort during that emotional initial phone call. An appointment was scheduled
within a few days as Melanie and her family was eager to learn more about adoption and her
rights. Over the next month, Melanie, her family, and her Hopeful Beginnings of St. Mary’s
Services counselor met frequently. Tears were shed and excitement surrounding the future
was discussed during each visit. Above all else, Melanie was empowered to make the decision
she felt was best for both herself and her child. After a healthy delivery, Melanie invited her
counselor to the hospital and was excited to care for her infant for a couple of days before
hospital discharge. The day Melanie was released from the hospital was extremely emotional.
She pushed through and reminded herself of the selfless sacrifice she was making to ensure her
baby would get all they deserved in life.
Melanie and her family opened up about their appreciation regarding the care they received
through Hopeful Beginnings of St. Mary’s Services during such a challenging time in their lives.
Melanie continues to have an open relationship with the adoptive parents she selected to raise
her child and they communicate frequently. Melanie is happy to see her child grow and thrive
and is looking forward to all that is to come in both of their futures! She feels thankful that
Hopeful Beginnings of St. Mary’s was a strong source of support for her and that she was a

strong source of support for her and that she was connected with a stable family who loves

her baby to the ends of the earth.

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