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End of Summer – Back to School


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Moms using Doctor Google

Doctor Google We’ve all been there as mothers. We find a small spot on our baby’s body or we question their gross motor development and off we go! To Doctor Google. We search and spend sometimes hours combing research articles that we barely understand (at least I don’t) and scrolling through mom forums…

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Child Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse is an ugly thing: this is a fact that most of the world can agree on. However, there is a form of child abuse – the beatings with objects, the hitting and physical abuse – that is most prevalent in the media and dramatized in movies and shows. In these depictions,…

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One child vs two

One versus Two When I tried to picture what parenting two babies under two years old would look like, I could only imagine utter chaos. I saw myself holding two screaming babies. Everyone, including me, was covered in tears. And poop. As a pregnant momma, I struggled to fathom having any further responsibilities…

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