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Used baby items


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Used baby items

Considerations for Used Baby Items   During pregnancy, it is very easy for an expectant mom to feel overwhelmed by all of the options and the expenses for baby items. A mom might wonder how she is going to afford the items or what items might work well even if they have been…

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When I first announced that I was taking the Executive Director job here at Hopeful Beginnings one of the first questions I was asked was if we provided counseling for woman experiencing fertility issues. The answer to this question is not straightforward. No, we do not offer counseling specifically for infertility, but we…

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Pregnancy counseling

Pregnancy, as much as you want it to happen, there is a sense of shock, disbelief, and the feeling of you may not be ready!  These are normal feelings by both you and your partner.  You may even think about feeling this is an unplanned pregnancy.  Even when you may be involved with…

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What to do before you get pregnant

Brain Development and what to do prior to getting pregnant There is another word for this called Preconception Health. The CDC tells us that “Preconception Health refers to the health of women and men during their reproductive years, which are the years that they can have a child. It focuses on taking steps now…

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BABY BOTTLE SYNDROME & TOOTH DECAY     Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD). The Journal of Dietetic Association defines this as a widespread form of caries (We call these cavities) that affect the incisors and molars. This usually occurs between ages 0 and 2 years old. It can also occur with any child…

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