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Power of Journaling

Mental Health

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Power of Journaling

The power of Journaling   Perhaps you were one of those teens who wrote her little heart out listening to sad music until your hand hurt. Or maybe you were never into writing and cannot even fathom why someone would willingly write. Regardless, you’re an adult now, a mom, a busy person. You…

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The End of January

The End of January… It’s common to jump into the beginning of January with renewed energy in pursuit of a fresh start. There’s nothing wrong with riding the waves of motivation. I say, go for it! Just be gentle with yourself when there’s a lull. Life in general is full of waves, crests,…

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Calm in the Storm

  “Is it always going to be like this?”. There are times when it seems non-stop. Whether it’s a season of non-stop illnesses or a never-ending custody battle or your own nameless personal battle in motherhood, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Functioning with physical…

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Is it me? Am I the drama?

“Is it me? Am I the drama?” Our mind is a trickster. It tends to view life through a certain lens, but that lens can be tainted by the feelings we are experiencing. This in turn impacts our actions; leading to the phrase: “a self-fulfilling prophecy”. What does your lens look like? If…

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The Holiday Shuffle

We’ve all been there. The topic of holidays can be anxiety provoking. Balancing in-laws and food preferences can bring on a headache just thinking about it. Whether you are trying to strike the perfect balance with your partner or the other co-parent in your life, tensions can get high. Before you reach for…

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