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It’s never too late for an adoption plan

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It’s never too late for an adoption plan

You took a baby home from the hospital and then thought about adoption because circumstances have occurred that make it just about impossible or unsafe for your baby? Illinois has a plan in place for children less than 30 days old to be placed into a policeman’s, fireman’s, or hospital’s arms called The Safe Haven Law.

There are no consequences with placing your baby in a safe person’s arms. The police do not come after you. Therefore, if your circumstances change as you become homeless, you are in a dangerous situation, and you can no longer care for your baby, please call Hopeful Beginnings as you are NEVER too late to make an adoption plan. Your baby will immediately go to a family who is home study approved to be cared for and held 24/7 until everything is legal and their forever family comes to pick them up in their care. Making an adoption plan after taking the baby home is difficult as it is a critical decision, but our counselors provide free counseling to empower you to make that decision.

If you do decide, there is no cost and no legal costs for you. We help you through the entire process. If you choose to see your baby after they are placed for adoption, our adoptive parents are willing and readily available to have an open relationship with you and your baby. We know that this is possible and we have done this before. The only time that open adoption is not available to you is if a substance abuse issue hasn’t been addressed or other unsafe situations. We oversee your baby so that they are in the safest situation.

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