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Maternal Mental Health

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Maternal Mental Health

The Blue Dot  ( has become a symbol of solidarity for families that have experienced perinatal mood disorders. Hopeful Beginnings is proud to offer free counseling services that help empower and heal families. Here is a testimony from a past client:
“When I first started counseling services, I remember constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed and like I was not a good enough mother, wife, daughter, or sister. After completing my six-month evaluation with my therapist, I was overjoyed as I reflected on the last six months and recognized how far I’ve come in reaching my goals. Counseling has taught me that everything I have been going through is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Living in constant fear and not having anyone to talk to because I felt they would not understand me or worse, judge me, was extremely lonely. I know now that these difficult experiences that come with being a mother are experienced by so many moms. Unfortunately, they are simply not talked about because they do not align with our unattainable social and cultural standards. Having a therapist who understands my culture and has empowered me to challenge the cultural norms that I can no longer accept has been life changing. I’ve seen the ways in which working on myself and challenging my thoughts and behaviors has improved not only my relationships with myself, my children, and my husband, but also my relationships between extended family and friends. I am so proud of myself for starting therapy, and I am eternally grateful for being able to access counseling services through Hopeful Beginnings, especially Gaby.”
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