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Mother’s Day is for ALL Mothers

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Mother’s Day is for ALL Mothers

Motherhood is many things. It is joy, it is laughter, it is sadness, and it can even be resentment, as many mothers feel underappreciated and overworked. It is an experience like no other; it is certainly the hardest job I have ever been given. This week, we take time to honor motherhood in all its forms. For many, it is a joyous day filled with flowers, cake and hand made cards. For others, it can be a day of remembrance – those who have lost their own mothers, but have fond memories to conjure of days past. But for mothers who have lost children and those who yearn to be mothers, the day can be particularly difficult as the mind fills with “what ifs” and dreams of celebrations that will never be. I remember my first Mother’s Day after my first son was born; my husband and I had struggled with IVF so long that it was almost surreal. While I can say I was thankful to be holding a beautiful baby boy, I did feel the twinge of guilt knowing that so many other women were still struggling.

What I would like to say to all mothers – those whose arms are full and those whose arms are not – is that we see you. There is a place for you with us at Hopeful Beginnings, whether it is to celebrate or grieve or merely reflect on what the idea of motherhood means to you. One of my favorite things about Hopeful Beginnings, besides the women who make up our staff, is that I am fortunate to see so much of the scope of motherhood, and I can witness how truly motherhood is truly a multidimensional experience. One of the decisions the agency made early on when expanding its counseling services was to not rely on insurance for payment, which allows us to work with women from all walks of life – whether they are teens experiencing grief and loss or professional women working to overcome postpartum depression. What binds the agency together is the joys and pain of motherhood.

If you are a mother who is struggling and needs support, or you know someone that is, you can call 847.870.8181.

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