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Our Adoption Story

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Our Adoption Story

“We chose our adoption with Hopeful Beginnings, because they made us feel comfortable from the first time we met
them. Everyone was approachable and kind through the process. It helped to have friends and families support, but
it also helped to have an agency who listened and answered our questions and concerns. Adoptive and birth families will
be mixing different family dynamics and we all need to take that one step at a time and embrace the moment, when that
time comes. We knew that it could be a few years to adopt, and our social worker encouraged us to live our
life, until that moment came. We did just that, because every situation in adoption is different and there is no
rule book for it.”

Well, we had a wonderful blessing, because in just 8 months, we got that call on a Wednesday afternoon. That
call is when we hit cloud nine,because we were wondering if this was it? Hopeful Beginnings told us one step
at a time and we leaned on a couple close friends for emotional support. The birth mother had requested to
see a video of our life to be made over the weekend to envision where her child would be going, before she
made her decision. That Monday afternoon at 3pm, we will forever remember that phone call, because we
were chosen. We cried out of joy for such a long time. We met the birth mother that evening, who had just
delivered over the weekend a beautiful baby boy. We got to know such a sweet woman, who was making the
strongest decision she could ever make. Then just two days later, we got to take our son home.
Hopeful Beginnings checked in with us to make sure we were settling well into our new lifestyle.
They also worked with the birth mother, to make sure she was doing okay with transition in her life. They
helped guide both of us to establish a relationship. It is an emotional process on both sides and there are no
rules. It is just being patient, listening to one another, and understanding everyone in the new lives we have.
We are taking two families who are strangers and coming together to build a life for this wonderful baby boy.
Our hearts have never been so full and we are forever grateful for Hopeful Beginnings.”

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