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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

The world of perinatal mental health is full of unknowns. From gestation to delivery to parenting, the variables are endless. After several years working in this field, one place I did not expect to find some of my most surprising moments is within the realm of grief and loss specifically. Whether due to miscarriage, abortion, medical termination or stillbirth, Hopeful Beginnings can support grieving parents as they attempt to reorient themselves in the world after losing their child. As I have continued to support individuals through these unbearable moments, their resilience is unparalleled. The strength I have seen within my grief and loss clients is truly astounding.

As a clinician, facing death can be an overwhelming topic to say the least. Some clinicians recognize their own boundaries and do not work with clients who have experienced a loss that needs processing. Assisting clients as they ask the big questions of why, why me, why my baby, is challenging in so many regards. Yet one of the biggest contributing factors to a client’s success within therapy is the client themselves. The strength and determination a client brings to the therapy space each week amidst all the pain shows their commitment to themselves and their healing. Guiding clients as they find ways to incorporate their loved one into their daily lives and traditions really displays their creativity and ability to navigate the world despite their pain.

These clients have demonstrated to me how forgiving and tender the world can be. After tremendous and tragic loss, seeing these clients find meaning and purpose while continuing to honor the memory of their late child, has been an extraordinary experience. As a person and as a clinician, I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn from my clients every single day.

Please know if you or someone you know has been struggling with similar issues and been asking themselves similar questions of why, therapy may be a great option to work through some of those concerns. Call Hopeful Beginnings at 847-840-8181 to set up an initial consultation.

Grief & Loss Counseling


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