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Should you trust a babysitter to watch your child?

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Should you trust a babysitter to watch your child?


Parents might be occupied with different responsibilities throughout the week. They might rely on family members and friends to watch their kids while they are occupied. Some parents might seek a babysitter to help them feel a little less stressed with everything that they have going on.

Things to consider

· Preferences: Who will you want to babysit your child. It could be what gender or age range you want.

· Accessibility: If the babysitter lives close to you. You can drive to the babysitter, or the babysitter can drive to you.

· Income: How much you are willing to pay the babysitter for their services.

· Availability: Making sure that the babysitter is available when you need them. Also, knowing what hours you will need the babysitter to watch your child.

How to find a good babysitter?

· Ask other parents or neighbors who live in your area.

· Ask any friends or family members who might know of anyone.

· Check with your child’s preschool or daycare. “Any places like the library or community center will have a bulletin board where you can find local sitters’ contact information” (Howland, 2019).

· Go online and search for babysitting agencies in your area.

What to look for in a babysitter?

· Good communication: The babysitter is able to communicate with the parent and the child. If the child does something wrong, the babysitter can communicate in an assertive yet friendly manner.

· Comfortability: “Your babysitter should play well, engaging your little ones with ease, patience, and a positive attitude” (Howland, 2019).

· Experience: Making sure that the babysitter has experience with children. Also, has taken some classes related to children.

· Trustworthy: Making sure that you can trust the babysitter. The babysitter should be taking care of the child and not do anything that would not be appropriate.

· Friendliness: Making sure that the babysitter is kind and has patience with the child. The child feels safe and comfortable around the babysitter.

How to choose the correct babysitter?

· Interview: Do an interview with a potential babysitter and get to know them.

· Background check: You can check their social media or call any references that they might have talked about.

· Test Run: You can do a test run where you will be in the house observing the babysitter and how they act around the child.

If you do all the necessary things, you will find a babysitter that will fit with your necessities. Every babysitter is different, but you will choose what babysitter is best for your family. You can trust a babysitter; it just takes time to find the right one.

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