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The End of January

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The End of January

The End of January…

It’s common to jump into the beginning of January with renewed energy in pursuit of a fresh start. There’s nothing wrong with riding the waves of motivation. I say, go for it! Just be gentle with yourself when there’s a lull. Life in general is full of waves, crests, lulls, highs, and lows. Don’t fret because they happen, expect them. Break down expectations into bite size pieces based on where you’re at in life. Do you need to look at each month as your January 1st? Or each week? Or each day? Maybe even before and after your toddler’s nap. Pay attention to the rhythms of life, of your energy, or your own body and cycles. Strive for growth, but growth dependent on the season. So whether you’re in the midst of the high wave of motivation, or crashing down from the high, re-evaluate. See what goals need to be adjusted or shifted, and keep pressing forward! And as always, be gentle and graceful with yourself throughout the process.

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by: Olivia Espinosa



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