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Used baby items

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Used baby items

Considerations for Used Baby Items


During pregnancy, it is very easy for an expectant mom to feel overwhelmed by all of the options and the expenses for baby items. A mom might wonder how she is going to afford the items or what items might work well even if they have been used before. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily, but every new mom wants the best for their baby as well as desiring items that will last as long and often as her baby needs it. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when buying used items:


1) Items such as Cribs and Car Seats model numbers

Many items have model numbers on headboards or under a flap that can be used to look up recalls on the producing company’s website. Try making this a practice when model numbers are available for used items, or find out the date they were bought/made if possible via the stickers on the item or the person giving the item to you. Be aware that once a car seat has been in a moderate to severe car accident, it should not be used again ( Refer to consideration #3 for car seats especially.

2) Smoke-free home/Cleaning Capacity

If you’re questioning whether or not an item could be re-used, ask yourself if the material or fabric is capable of being thoroughly cleaned. Are all fabrics able to be removed from the item itself and washed? Can you get in the crevices if you would like to wipe everything down with Clorox wipes? Also, is the item coming from a smoke-free home? Thirdhand smoke can impact an infant’s health, so please speak with your doctor about the precautions you can take with used clothing (

3) Who are you re-using from?

For certain items, there is an element of trust that you are placing in the person providing you the item that it was in fact a smoke-free home, the car seat has never been in an accident before, etc. Consider the person you are receiving from versus the amount of risk with that particular item.

4) Type of Items

Check with other moms in your circle regarding items such as a bassinet, bouncer, baby carrier, stroller, etc. They might have good suggestions on what types of items would have a long life lending itself to being re-used or they might even pass along a few items to you themselves. This will also save the time from scrolling through online reviews and questioning whether they are from “real moms” or just spam or promotions.

5) Clothing

Keep in mind that people enjoy providing baby clothes at events like baby showers because they’re fun to shop for versus items like a bottle drying rack. Even if you do not have a baby shower, there are many moms out there desperate to get rid of baby clothes for free or for a small cost in addition to baby resale shops such as Once Upon A Child. Mom groups in your particular suburb might be a good resource to explore. Refer back to considerations #2 and #3 above.

6) Safety

Please always utilize safety precautions such as sharing your location, going with a friend, and meeting in a well-lit public space such as a police station parking lot if utilizing a mobile/internet marketplace to purchase used items.


For moms in the Palatine, Illinois area, Hopeful Beginnings also offers a free baby closet to whoever is able to come to our office to pick up items. We provide formula, diapers, wipes, gently used (and washed) baby clothing, along with some additional small items. A mom may utilize the baby closet on a monthly basis and will also receive additional referrals to other services in the community as needed. You may call our main number at 847-870-8181 to complete a case management/baby closet intake and schedule a pick-up time.




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*Please note that Hopeful Beginnings accepts no liability or responsibility for any injury or death or recalls of any baby products and the information above is to be used as a list of considerations along with each individual’s research, each company’s safety information/recalls, and consultation with a medical provider.

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