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Aaron & Patty

Aaron & Patty

Our path to adoption began years ago; an innocent and passing conversation between us early in our dating relationship was the beginning. Our relationship was becoming more serious, and one day the mention of children came up. We both agreed that adoption would be a wonderful opportunity for us to give a child a loving home, but at that point nearly six years ago, we had no idea that this conversation was more than just a fleeting moment, but rather the planting of a tender, beautiful seed which would come to maturity years later.

In May of 2005 we were married, but as happens with many couples we decided to wait for a year or two to begin having children. When we finally decided to start our family, about 2 years into our marriage, we were faced with the reality of how difficult this actually could be. After many months of trying on our own without success, we decided that we needed some outside intervention. We began with more conservative medical treatments with which after several months deemed unsuccessful as well, and it was at this time that we decided to consult with a fertility specialist to pursue more invasive treatments. After an unsuccessful round of IVF treatments, our conversations once again turned to the possibility of adoption.

As we considered another round of IVF treatment, we also further explored adoption. At this point our discussions centered upon one question: was it more important to have a biological child or simply to be parents of a beautiful, healthy baby. Upon answering this question without much debate, we decided to contact St. Mary’s.

In the beginning of our relationship with St. Mary’s we were overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and prerequisites expected of us, but yet we plugged along with the understanding help of our social worker, Jennifer. We recall taking at least three months to complete our original adoption packet, and thinking that we’d never get to the point of being presented to potential birth-mothers. Shortly after completing these requirements, we were informed that a birth-mother had chosen us and wanted to meet.

We began a relationship with her through St. Mary’s, and stayed in close contact for about two months. We visited with her and had lunch now and then, and formed what seemed like great relationship. About 3 weeks before Thanksgiving of 2008, we received a phone call from St. Mary’s saying that a baby had been born, but very early and in potentially very poor health. Our hearts sank, but we still held on to the hope of bringing home this baby before Thanksgiving. As fate would have it, this adoption fell through and we felt as if the world was about to fall apart. This news came on a Thursday or Friday, and that following Saturday we had a class at St. Mary’s to attend. Our social worker understood that we wouldn’t be in attendance, but at the last moment we decided to pull up our bootstraps and stay in the game. Though difficult, we attended the class and of course we agreed to stay in touch until the next situation presented itself.

Low and behold, within that very same week we received a call that another birth-mother had chosen us and wanted to meet. Two days later we met with her at St. Mary’s and waited throughout the day for her to make a final decision; that was a very long Sunday. The next morning, we met our six day-old daughter, Isabella Grace.

We have an open adoption with Isabella’s birth mother and send her pictures and letters on a frequent basis. From the very moment we saw her face, we knew that God had timed all of this perfectly. This is the child that was meant only for us, a perfect gift with whom we fell in love with at the very first “Hello, Sweetheart.”

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