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Adam & Ivana

Adam and Ivana holding child

Adam & Ivana

Thank you for considering us to adopt your baby. We are in awe of your braveness and selfless love for your baby and their future. Our hope for our future family is to honor you and your baby through an open and loving relationship. We have been telling Jackson how we became part of our family through a book we wrote him. It’s important for our children to know they have two families who love them so much. While Jackson’s birthparents decided on a closed Adoption, our prayer and hope is to have an open relationship with you and your baby.
You are making a hard decision and we have so much respect and love for you. To make a decision for your child is the most loving act a Mother could do. We would be honored to raise your baby in our home.

At A Glance
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Our adopted son is also Caucasian


Education: Adam has a Bachelors in Finance
Ivana has a Bachelors in Political Science and German and a Minor in Economics


Professions: Adam works for an Insurance Company, and he works in the Training and Development Department.
Ivana works for a Furniture Dealership, and works in Employee Experience.


When did you meet and month/year of marriage: Met 2011
Married 2014


Religion: Christian


Information on your home/community: We live in the Chicago suburbs and love our community. It is very family friendly with close by parks, pools and areas to play! We’ve lived in our home for 7 years and can’t ever imagine moving.


Number of children: 1 son, Jackson. He is adopted. Jackson excited to be a big brother, we can’t wait to grow our family through Adoption again. It’s important to support our children’s desire to know their birth families
Pets: We have 1 pet, our cat Milton. He is the friendlist cat! We call hi our cat dog because he is so friendly and loves to cuddle and hang out when we have family and friends over.


Desired contact with a birth family: We will respect any decision you make. Our desire is to have an open relationship, for your baby to know they have two families who love them very much! We are very open with Jackson on his birth family


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child? We are hoping to expand our family and already love your baby and you so much.
Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory: Ivana: Christmas, family get togethers, sports
Adam: Sports, Thanksgiving,


TV Show/Movie: Ivana: The West Wing, Big Bang Theory, Madame Secretary
Adam: The Office


Book: Ivana: Harry Potter series, Autobiographies, Bruno series
Adam: The Last Lecture. To Kill a Mockingbird.


Hobby: Ivana: Working out, Cooking, Baking, Organizing, crafting
Adam: Cooking / Baking, Riding Bikes, anything outdoors


Food: Ivana: Anything homemade but especially homemade made pasta (I make it!)
Adam: I love pizza, pretty much any kind of sandwich and any kind of pasta.


Vacation: We love beach vacations! Our favorite family vacation was with Jackson, we went to the Caribbean and it was blast!


Family Tradition: We visit the Christkindle market every Holiday season. We make pizza together every Friday and we love to spend time in the kitchen together! We love to explore our neighborhood through biking.


Holiday Memory: First Christmas with Jackson was the most special. He was an infant and the best gift of all.


Fun Facts: Ivana: speaks 3 languages, loves to cook homemade meals and explore different cultures through cooking
Adam: Loves to travel but is a homebody at heart and loves coming home. Enjoys yard work!
What Friends Say
“Adam and Ivana are incredibly thoughtful, caring, and organized couple who making loving, creative, and fun parents” – Amy Groman


“Ivana and Adam are loving individuals who are great parents; they provide support while teaching responsibility, are encouraging, responsible, and great role models” – Marija Assell


“Ivana and Adam are like second parents to our children. We trust them completely and couldn’t ask for better friends who are loving, responsible and fun.” – Stacie Swisher
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