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Adam & Joe

Adam Joe 6

Adam & Joe

Dear Birthparent(s),

Thank you for taking time to read our page. We are beyond excited about starting a family and a lifelong journey with a birth parent like you. We believe there are all types of families but every family should have love and each child should have the ability to be who they want to be. Most of all, children have “beginnings” and we cherish the thought of making sure the child knows they had a beginning, and that beginning was you. Families are a big deal to us. We both grew up with adopted sibling and experienced what it was like to have adopted siblings. Our parents instilled the values and beliefs that all of God’s children are miracles, and that everyone deserves their own loving family. From holidays to early Saturday morning soccer games, our children will be loved and provided for, not just by us but our large extended family. Both of our parents are very supportive and looking forward to an addition to the Christmas dinner table. We plan to raise our children just how our siblings were raised, in a loving, caring, loyal, supporting, and nurturing environment. We both have steady reliable jobs and are devoted to providing a loving, fun, steady, and financially stable home for a young baby. Not only will we share our experiences with our children but we look forward to and welcome an open relationship with you, after all as a gay couple, you will be their only mother. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and getting to know us as a couple.

Best Wishes & All the Love!!!!

****JOE & ADAM****


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At A Glance

We are both white. We were both raised with adoptive siblings of different ethnicities. We are very lucky to have a tight knit group of friends of different ethnicities and backgrounds.


Adam has a masters degree and is working towards his PhD. Joe has his bachelors degree.


Adam is an occupational therapist and Joe is an IT consultant.

When did you meet and month/year of marriage:

We met in December of 2013, moved in together a year later, got married and bought a condo together in 2015.


Adam was raised Presbyterian, Joe was raised Catholic, we both consider ourselves more spiritual people.

Information on your home/community:

We own a 2 bed, 2 bath, and large den condo in Pilsen, a south side neighborhood that has a strong Latino population. Our condo complex has a pool and playground.

Number of children:

We don’t have any children yet *fingers crossed*


Stevie is our rescue dog, she is super docile and great with kids. She loves licking, napping in the sun, and running with Adam.

Desired contact with a birth family:

Our goal is to have an open adoption because we believe that is ultimately what is best for everyone, especially the child. We understand some women may just want email updates, which works too.

In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?

We both grew up with adopted siblings and we both want kids, adoption was always the answer for us.

Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory:

Adam was involved in many sports, his favorite memories typically involve early Saturday morning sports events with the whole family cheering him on. Joe attended many concerts with his Dad/friends.

TV Show/Movie:

We are both big fans of Top Chef and The Great British Bake Off, any show that involves cooking or food usually catches our attention.


To be honest, the last handful of books both of us have read were all parenting books, our favorite was “Bringing Up Bebe”.


Party planning and traveling. We both love to throw parties and travel. We have been all over Europe, Mexico, and the United States, we are hoping to tackle parts of Asia in 2019.


We often cook dinner together after work, but a fun food would be getting gyros or Chinese food after a long week. During good weather, we like to walk to Dairy Queen and share a Blizzard, too!


We typically go on 1 beach vacation a year, a couple long weekend trips visiting friends/family in the States, and then one long international trip per year. Southeast Asia is in the works for 2019.

Family Tradition:

Adam comes from a large family, our Thanksgiving table has around 75 people that attend. We also host an annual summer party every year for friends and family.

Holiday Memory:

We always take time to make some type of holiday cookie or treat for friends, family, and coworkers at Christmas. We can’t wait to include our kids in this holiday tradition.

Fun Facts:

Joe has 2 adopted siblings (Anthony is Latino, Dori is special needs). Adam has 1 adopted sibling (Mariah is African American). We truly have all colors of the rainbow in our family.

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