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Arthur & Jacob

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Arthur & Jacob

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. While we cannot even begin to fathom what you must be feeling nor what is going through your minds, we can only present to you our most authentic selves to aid you in making your decision. What we hope you take away from our profile is that we will welcome your baby into our family with open arms and provide them a home full of joy, laughter, cooking, fun and love. We look forward to learning more about you as we all navigate our adoption journey together based on openness and understanding.

A & J

At A Glance
Ethnicity: Arthur: Polish, French and Dutch
Jacob: Irish, Polish and German


Education: Arthur has a Masters Degree in Business Administration
Jacob has a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management


Professions: Arthur is a Senior Manager in Digital Change & Release Management
Jacob is a Onboarding Specialist in Corporate Credit Cards


When did you meet and month/year of marriage: We met online in March of 2011 and got married in March of 2016.


Religion: Catholic


Information on your home/community: We currently live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago in a 4 bedroom house. Our neighborhood is nice and quiet, surrounded by parks, forests and nature preserves.


Number of children: We do not currently have any children.


Pets: We have two Miniature Pinschers named Sage & Callie. Sage is black and rust while Callie is chocolate brown.


Desired contact with a birth family: We are open to a relationship that works best for both families.


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child? We want to expand our family and share the love we have in our hearts.
Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory: Arthur: Taking summer trips with his grandma to visit family in Poland.
Jacob: Taking his first trip to Disney World with his parents and grandma when he was in second grade.


TV Show/Movie:
TV Show
Arthur: The Golden Girls
Jacob: The Big Bang Theory
Arthur: The Land Before Time
Jacob: The Nightmare Before Christmas


Book: Arthur: Anything to do with dragons, magic and mythology such as the works of Rick Riordan & Mercedes Lackey
Jacob: The Outsiders


Hobby: Arthur: Baking, gardening and playing video games
Jacob: Theater, playing board games and putting together LEGO sets


Food: Arthur: Pierogi with potatoes and cheese
Jacob: Beef Stroganoff


Vacation: Our favorite vacation was when we went to visit Jacob’s aunt in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and drove down to Jacksonville to see more of his family.


Family Tradition: Arthur: Getting together with family on Christmas Eve.
Jacob: Baking Christmas cookies with his mom.


Holiday Memory: Arthur: The year his family took a trip to Florida for the holidays and they went to Busch Gardens.
Jacob: Waking up Christmas morning to make strawberry crepes for his parents, grandma and aunt.


Fun Facts: Arthur is known throughout his family and friends for the delicious cheesecakes he bakes.
Jacob knows conversational sign language from his previous work as a paraprofessional.
What Friends Say
“I know that Arthur and Jacob will make amazing parents because they are kind, patient, dependable, loving and welcoming. Their lives and home are the kind of positive and nurturing environment that a child could thrive and grow in.” – Maggie M


“Arthur and Jacob are loving and caring and want only the best…meaning they will only want the best for your child.” – Ela & Joe M


“Arthur and Jacob would provide a loving environment filled with compassion and care. They strive to be positive role models and are dedicated to giving all of the time and attention needed to make any child/children they adopt feel safe and loved” – Kristin B


“We think they would make wonderful parents because I have seen how they take care of their family already; they are patient with their dogs and in-tune to their needs and wants without any verbal cues. They are always very hospitable and accommodating when we visit, and willing to assist us if we need a helping hand. And finally, they love and respect their parents and recognize the value of having supportive parents.” – Marcella M & Patrick K


“Arthur and Jacob are creative, considerate, patient, funny, dependable, dedicated, compassionate and supportive. Their child will be their first priority and will know that they are loved.” – Colleen & Rich S


“I’ve known them personally for almost ten years and have worked closely with Arthur for that entire time. I have observed him many times as he’s interacted with customers and fellow employees alike and know Arthur to be a professional, intelligent and caring person. I’ve also been a guest in their home and have personally witnessed the love, laughter and commitment between Arthur and Jacob. Over the years, Arthur and I have had several conversations about parenting and kids. Both he and Jacob possess secondary education degrees, are lifelong learners and avid readers. They will be supportive and engaged parents. My husband and I have raised two children of our own. In my opinion, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Arthur and Jacob will be loving and devoted parents to any child with whom they are blessed.” – Carolyn & George M
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