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Bill & Miranda

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Bill & Miranda

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We can’t imagine the challenge you have before you and we wish you peace and grace as you make this difficult decision. We cannot express how excited we are grow our family through adoption. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and your hopes for your child!

At A Glance


Miranda has a bachelors of science in nursing.
Bill has a masters in engineering management.


Miranda is a school nurse.
Bill is an engineer.


When did you meet and month/year of marriage:
We dated for 7 years and then got married in May 2020.




Information on your home/community:
We live on a peaceful street in a three bedroom house. Our neighborhood is filled with active young families.


Number of children:
We do not currently have any children.


We have one dog who is 4 years old, named Gus.


Desired contact with a birth family:
We are open to finding the relationship that works best for all of us.


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?
We would love to grow our family and experience the joy of parenthood.


Childhood Memory:
Miranda’s childhood memory is camping with her family and neighbors.
Bill’s childhood memory is of his parents cheering him on at his rugby tournaments.


TV Show/Movie:
Miranda’s favorite show is Brooklyn 99.
Bill’s favorite show is Parks and Rec.


Miranda’s favorite hobbies are reading and doing crafts.
Bill’s favorite hobbies are golfing and wood working.


Miranda’s favorite food is a burrito.
Bill’s favorite food is home made pizza.


We love to travel and try and take at least one vacation a year! Last year we went to Thailand.


Family Tradition:
Miranda’s family tradition is cutting down our Christmas tree with our life long family friends.
Bill’s family tradition is Friday night family dinners of homemade pizza.


Fun Facts:
A fun fact about Miranda is that she has been sky diving.
A fun fact about Bill is that he was born in England.
What Friends Say
“Miranda and I met in kindergarten and have been friends since, and I’ve known Bill for as long as they’ve been together. Miranda is, hands down, the strongest, most resilient, loving person I know. She has this way of extracting every bit of joy out of life in a way that I marvel at — She brightens every room, is always the first to laugh, and goes above and beyond for her family and friends. Bill, for his part, is her perfect compliment. He’s energetic and adventurous, always up for trying something new and having fun, but he also has a fiercely protective and compassionate side that would do absolutely anything to bolster Miranda while she’s busy bolstering everyone else. Together, they will make fantastic parents. Truly, they have so much love to give, and I cannot wait until they can pour that attention, joy, and love for life into another human, helping their little one become just as amazing as they are.”
– Kimberly, Miranda’s life long friend.


“By way of introduction, my name is Vito and I have known Miranda her entire life. Her father, Dan, was my best friend from grammar school. He and his wife, Adrienne, asked me to be the godfather of their firstborn, Miranda. It has been and continues to be one of the greatest honors of my life.
Miranda views the world through a lens of hope and love. Knowing Miranda means feeling a unique, and deep sense of love and connection. However, for as deep as her principles are, there’s a playful side to Miranda that causes one to smile and respond in kind.
Before Dan passed, he had the opportunity to meet Bill, Miranda’s husband. In one of our daily chats, Dan shared with me that he witnessed firsthand the same values and qualities in Miranda that were visible in Bill and his family. This brought Dan a sense of joy knowing that these two beautiful people were genuinely one in how they viewed the world. These values, grounded in family, devotion, and a strong moral compass, form the foundation for all their relationships.
As Vito’s wife, Mary Ann, I have known Miranda and Bill while dating and now as a married couple. It is a great privilege to know them and to be part of their world. What is unique about Bill and Miranda is that describing them as a couple is simple yet amazing. Their presence for one another through the range of challenging experiences that may come with life and living defines who they are as individuals and as a couple. Both are unwavering in their love for each other and their family and friends. Both are uncompromising in their pursuit of building their lives in ways that support their shared beliefs. Both are courageous in moving forward with a zest for life and living that fills their space with love, joy, and a beautiful sense of wonder.
It is with deep sincerity and great enthusiasm that we endorse Miranda and Bill as two people who will be loving, responsible, and wonderful parents!”
-Vito and Mary Ann, Miranda’s godfather and his wife


“William our oldest son and Miranda who we have known for 10 years are deeply in love, truly soul mates. They are well educated having attended the same university while also both being accomplished athletes. They continue to maintain a very active lifestyle. William all his life has been building or creating something resulting in taking his masters in engineering, during his high school years designed and built from scratch a fully roadworthy buggy while also being a leader on the school’s robotics team. During his time on the university track & field team as a discus thrower he also took over the coaching of the girls discus squad helping them to achieve personal records. He will make a wonderful father passing down not only his skills but applying his love of helping others.
Miranda, we find is an amazing person, she is strong and so full of life and shows compassion for others. She is very artistic applying herself to making amazing décor throughout their house especially during the holidays. Being a registered nurse she has all the skills to look after not just minor medical issues, but it also reveals her love of helping others in need. She loves looking after “her children” at the school where she currently works. She will make a wonderful mother to her child.
We cannot imagine a better couple to be parents for a child in need of a secure, happy caring home. As we are potential grandparents, we are so excited to not only support William and Miranda, but excited to meet our first grandchild.”
– John and Barbara, Bill’s parents


“Bill and I grew up together since we were 12 years old playing sports and various activities together. He has been my best friend and we have been through all sorts of life events together. When he introduced me to Miranda about 10 years ago at a car show we’d always go to together, I immediately thought to myself this woman is the missing piece in his life! As I have witnessed their relationship over the years, I know this is the type of relationship people should all strive to achieve! Miranda is a wonderful human that managed to evolve / get the best out of my best friend so I know for certain she will be a loving mother to her child! Bill has finally found selflessness through Miranda’s which are the making of a great provider and father figure. I pray they will find a child to join their blessed home as soon as possible and they will be excellent parents. They have supportive family and friends nearby to help too (including me) should they ever need it but they are ready for this commitment regardless. If you are looking for someone you can trust, Miranda and Bill’s will be that perfect family to build a wonderful life for their children.”
– Harrison, Bill’s life long friend


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