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Charley & Melissa


Charley & Melissa

We can’t imagine the emotions and thoughts you are experiencing as you consider adoption for your child. This choice will leave an imprint on your life that will forever change you. We want you to know that if you choose us to adopt your child, it will forever change us too. If we are chosen to love and care for this child, it will be the greatest responsibility we could be given. We know what a powerful thing adoption can be. Charley’s brother was adopted as a baby in a closed adoption. He has often wondered about his birth parents, why he was placed for adoption, and his medical history. From this experience, we are even more committed to an open adoption and creating a life-long relationship with you.

At A Glance
Ethnicity : Melissa – Irish, Scottish and GermanCharley – Irish and Norwegian


Education:Melissa – Bachelor’s degree in communication, Master’s degree in leadershipCharley – Bachelor’s degree in history and education


Professions: Melissa – Human ResourcesCharley – Home Inspector


When did you meet and month/year of marriage: We met on an online dating website in 2013. Our first date was a picnic and we saw a rainbow. We knew right away we had found our person and got married in December 2014. We love to make each other laugh.


Religion: Catholic

Information on your home/community:

We live in a family-friendly and diverse neighborhood in Chicago. We live a block from the elementary school and playground. Gloria’s favorite part is our big backyard and playset.

Number of children:

1: Gloria is 4. She loves to read and sing and wear her Minnie Mouse dress. She could not be more excited to become a big sister through adoption and always wants to buy books and toys for the baby.

Pets: Milo is a chihuahua mix who loves to snuggle under blankets and share toys with Gloria. He thinks he is much bigger than ten pounds and protects us from delivery trucks and squirrels.


Desired contact with a birth family:
We are excited to work together to create a plan that will match the level of openness you want. We will happily send pictures and letters, and hope to have visits or video call too.


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?
We know from personal experience that genes don’t make a family – love does.


Fun Facts & Favorites


TV Show/Movie:
Charley – 30 RockMelissa – FriendsGloria – Dinosaur Train



Hobby: We love living in Chicago! We go to neighborhood festivals, baseball games, the beach, the Museum of Science & Industry and the Zoo. We also like to ride our bikes to look for deer near our house.


Food: Gloria loves to help us cook at home. We like to try new recipies but her favorite thing to make is dessert! We also love to check out different restaurants in the city.


Vacation: We love to travel and are grateful to have jobs that allow us to do so. Our first trip together was to visit Melissa’s brother in Peru. Our most recent trip was to Greece.


Family Tradition: For birthdays, you get to pick what’s for dinner and dessert. Then, we hide presents and give clues to find them. We would love to incorporate cultural holidays or traditions you may have too.


Holiday Memory:One of our favorite holiday memories is decorating home made gingerbread houses with family every year. We are very close to our extended family and love spending time together.


Fun Facts: Charley is one of 6 kids and is the favorite uncle, hands down. He also makes his own beer.  Melissa studied Spanish for 10 years. She also starts family dance parties and loves anything with llamas.


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