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Chris & Jennifer

Placed 7 18 Family Photo

Chris & Jennifer

Chris, Jennifer, and big brother Caleb welcomed Javi home in the summer of 2018!
“Adoption is just another way of creating a family. A child doesn’t have to be biologically yours to be fully yours, and they don’t have to look like you to be part of you. It was our experience as adoptees that inspired my wife and me to adopt our children. Growing up, each of us always knew that we were adopted, and it was never a source of stigma or shame for either of us. Many people have asked me if I’m angry with my birth mother or what I would say to her. I have never felt anger toward her, only gratitude. She made the most selfless choice possible, and my life is better for it. I would tell her to thank you for making that sacrifice for me. She didn’t sacrifice me, she sacrificed the opportunity to continue as my mother, and as sad as it is that she had to make that choice, my life is better for it and I am forever grateful. I’d say the same to the birth mothers of my two children.” -Jennifer & Chris

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