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David & Cindy

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David & Cindy

Dear Birthparent(s),

Where do we start? First, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn about us.We realize you are making a decision that can’t be easy. We will try to ease your stress by telling you about ourselves. We are two very loving people that have been together for 17 years, married for 8 years. We met through mutual friends in high school and started dating while in college. We got married in May of 2010 and have a wonderful, strong marriage. We are best friends and have the best time together. Only thing that is missing? A baby. We always knew we wanted to be parents. We tried for a few years, but unfortunately were unable to get pregnant. We realize there are more ways to become a family and that led us to adoption.

If you decide that we are a good fit for you and your baby, we would strive to be the best parents you could ask for. We have so much love to give. We would pamper, nourish, teach and love your child. We will always love you for giving us the best gift anyone could give us.

David and Cindy

At A Glance



Cindy: Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Loyola University of Chicago
David: Associate Degree from Oakton Community College and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Earth Science from Northeastern University Chicago


Cindy: Preschool Teacher Assistant
David: Hardware Store Manager

Length of marriage:

8 Years



Our Home:

Single family home in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We have a very large yard waiting for a playset for a child to play in! We have four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a spacious basement. We have a beautiful park with pond, bike trail and preserve down the street from us.

Number of children:

None, yet. Hopefully you can help us change that!


Two cats and big fish tank. Muffin is 10 years old and Bentley is 6 years old.

Desired contact with birthparents:

An open relationship that everyone is comfortable with. We want what is best for the child.

In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?

We have so much love to give a child.

Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory

Cindy: Going to San Diego, California with my parents and sister. We celebrated my 4thbirthday. I remember the little doll set that my Dad and sister picked out for me! I also remember playing in the hotel pool and going to Disneyland.
David: Going to Poland with my cousin. We stayed at our Grandparents farm. We milked cows, rode horses and went fishing. It was a wonderful time.

TV Show/Movie:

TV Show: We both enjoy watching Game of Thrones and Walking Dead.
Cindy’s Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park and Grease
David’s Favorite Movie: Gladiator


Both: Harry Potter
Cindy: Any Novel from Anita Shreve


Both: We both enjoy bike riding, taking walks to the park, watching movies and going out to dinner
Cindy: Enjoys jewelry making, swimming, and taking dance classes
David: Enjoys working on his fish tank as well as fishing, camping, skiing, playing ice hockey and collecting watches


We enjoy cooking Polish dishes such as chicken kotlety (cutlets) and pierogi as well as going out to eat. We love all sorts of food—Mexican, Italian, Chinese…to name a few! Our favorite Mexican restaurant is La Hacienda de Los Fernández. We always love to grill in the Summer


Our honeymoon to Nassau, Bahamas

Family Tradition:

We love going to Fox Lake on Sundays in the Summer. We go boating, jet skiing, kayaking and swimming. We also grill and sit by the campfire at night. We also enjoy going to our family cabin in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Holiday Memory:

We cherish all Holidays but Wigilia, Christmas Eve is a favorite. We have a wonderful dinner with our extended families. David dresses as Santa Claus and we open presents and sing Christmas Carols. We also go to midnight mass.

Fun Facts:

We both went to the same Polish school on Saturdays growing up and didn’t even know it! We also love animals and rescued our cat Bentley from Wisconsin Dells. David also saved my sister’s Dog, Aspen from Aspen, Colorado. See, we were meant to adopt!

What Friends Say

“Cindy and David would be the best parents ever. They adore children, and I see them with their nephew and nieces. They play, hug and go to store together. If they get hurt,  they know how to make it better. David took their nephew, Derek, fishing and he enjoyed it very much; he wants to go again. When Cindy and David see their nieces and nephew, they run up to them and hug them. Cindy and David want a child to love very much. I hope that happens for them soon.”

-Elizabeth, Cindy’s Mom

I have known Cindy all of her life as she is my younger sister.   I know David for 17 years ever since Cindy and David started dating.
Ever since Cindy was a little girl, she would always play Mom to her baby dolls. She always dreamed of being a mother and continues to dream of being a mother.  Cindy and David have many nieces and nephews and without a doubt, they are the favorite Aunt and Uncle of all the kids. All of the kids gravitate towards them and love playing with them. I have a 6 yr old boy Derek and a 3 yr old girl Lexi. Both kids absolutely adore Aunt Cindy and Uncle David.
We have a large, loving, Polish family that is very excited about Cindy and David adopting.  The child will be very loved!

-Jenny, Cindy’s Sister

I have known Cindy since I was in junior high/high school, and I have known Dave for many years as well.  I stood up in their wedding.  They are two of the kindest, most thoughtful, and most giving people I know.  I know how much they want to have a child, and I desperately hope that one day soon they will get to be parents.  Cindy and Dave have so much love and warmth to bring to a child.  I have a baby and a 9-year-old, and they are always thinking of my children.  They always bring my older daughter a little treat/gift when they see her and are completely engaged with her during their interactions.  My husband and I have gone through some difficult medical issues, and Cindy and Dave have always offered to come help out with my girls if we needed them.  I would trust them to watch my children any time because I know they would be in excellent hands.  Cindy’s sister also has two children, and I know how much Cindy and Dave love them and are involved in their lives.  Cindy and Dave are a wonderful couple and they would be fantastic parents.  I hope that one day this dream comes true for them.

– Carla, Family Friend

I have known Cindy and David for over 20 years.  They are a fun and loving couple who have a lot to offer to a child.  Cindy and David live in a beautiful home that is warm and welcoming.  They also have a deep sense of responsibility to fulfill their obligations and do the right thing.  In addition, Cindy and David have a keen understanding of children as they interact with their young niece and nephew, to whom they serve as godparents.  Moreover, they not only know how to set boundaries, but also do it in a loving way so the children are safe and respectful to themselves and others.   Both Cindy and David have positive outlooks on life and always find the best of any situation, no matter how difficult it may be.  Finally, they value relationships with friends and family, all of whom will most certainly be positive influences on children.  Overall, any child would be very lucky to have Cindy and David as parents!

– Michael, Family Friend

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