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Jason & Carla

Jason & Carla

After three miscarriages and no desire to go through IVF treatments, Jason and I decided that adoption was the one way to fulfill our need and desire to become parents. We had talked about adoption for a few years but always procrastinated about actually doing it. St. Mary’s was suggested to me by a client from my work place. She used St. Mary’s to adopt her son. Jason and I discussed it and we looked no further to pursue our plans.

We started the process in August of 2008 and we completed our home study by Thanksgiving. The whole time we prepared ourselves for the “waiting” and didn’t let ourselves get carried away with thinking too much.

Our “wait” was not long, ironically it was 9 months.

Jen called on May 5th regarding a couple that had decided to go forward with an adoption plan for their baby. Jen told me that St. Mary’s would be showing interested adoptive parent scrapbooks the next day. She asked if we wanted ours shown. Of course I said yes. She also told me that the birth mother was due on May 16th….needless to say I almost fell off the chair. I know it sounds crazy but for some reason I had a strong feeling that the birth parents were going to pick us. Jason and I were eating lunch at a restaurant when the call came. He didn’t recognize the number and I told him it was Jen calling and I said “Oh my god they chose us.” Jen told Jason that the birth parents did indeed choose us. Honestly, there are no words to express the feelings that go through you at that moment. It was hard to believe that it happened so fast but it was true. We were overwhelmed with joy.

We met the birth parents three times. Two days before the baby’s due date, at the hospital to visit them and the new baby girl and one more time before placement. All the meetings went well. May 19th was the day that the adoption was to be finalized and we waited for the call. Jen called and asked “are you ready to pick up your daughter?” We were finally a Mommy and Daddy.

The ride to the agency felt like it took forever. When we arrived we were greeted with smiles and congratulations from all the staff. Everyone was so happy for us.

We went into the room and there was the most beautiful baby girl. Jason and I were beaming.

Jason and I want to thank St. Mary’s Services thoughtful and caring staff for providing a smooth, realistic and thought-provoking adoption experience.

We want to extend a special thank you to Jennifer Mangiaracina and Cindy Anslemo for their patience and guidance with our adoption plan. Their tireless commitment brought our gorgeous baby girl Olivia to us. We have never been more joyful and happy! We are now a family.

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