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Jon & Stephanie


Jon & Stephanie


Hello! We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We know this is a challenging time for you, and we can’t even imagine what you are going through. We wish you find peace, while considering your options. We hope this site helps you get a glimpse of our lives by seeing what we value, who we are, and all the love we have for a child. We hope we have the chance to get to know you better.


At A Glance
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Education: Jon has his certificate for automotive repair. Stephanie has her certificate for massage therapy and a masters degree in occupational therapy.


Professions: Jon is a parts representative for a diesel truck shop.  Stephanie is a massage therapist at a day spa and is starting a career in occupational therapy to work with  children.


When did you meet and month/year of marriage: We met in middle school and started dating at 25 years old.  We got married 2 years later in November of 2011.


Religion: Jon and Stephanie are both Catholic.


Information on your home/community: We live in a 3 bedroom home with a spacious yard for playing outside.  We live in a quiet, country neighborhood, near family and friends.  There are playgrounds and activities for families to enjoy.


Number of children: We currently do not have any children.


Pets: We have 2 dogs that are Husky-Poodle mixes.  Their names are Denali and Little Bear


Desired contact with a birth family: We hope to create an open contact relationship with the birth family that is comfortable for all of us.  We are happy to work with you through open adoption and putting your child’s needs first.


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child? Children bring out joy in our hearts and we look forward to providing a happy and healthy home.


Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory: Stephanie: Playing with her siblings, with Barbie’s and American Girl Dolls.
Jon: Going Snowmobiling up north with his family.


TV Show/Movie: We watch a lot together, like reruns of favorite comedies, like Big Bang Theory or Friends and we love watching action, Sci-Fi  or comedy films.


Hobby: Stephanie: sewing and painting.
Jon: Building his train set, Legos, or cars.



Book: Stephanie: Loves a variety of books, specifically dystopian-romances and science-fiction.
Jon: Will read non-fiction and car magazines, but prefers to build things in his spare time.


Food: Stephanie: anything that has a sweet and spicy flavor, like BBQ, Thai or Chinese food.
Jon: pepperoni pizza, anything with garlic, or almost any dessert, especially chocolate!


Vacation: We love to go camping. Our favorite was Yellowstone National Park.  We love to explore areas with waterfalls or mountains.


Family Traditions: We love Christmas baking with our family. Plus, camping with family every summer and bonfires.  We love gathering for birthdays & holidays celebrations, while enjoying food that everyone cooked.


Holiday Memory: Stephanie: Christmas at her parents has always been so special and continues to enjoy this as an adult.
Jon: Loves to make his German family recipe that is buttery, vanilla cookies at Christmas time.


Fun Facts: We are both Disney nerds, we love heavy weightlifting, kayaking, hiking and have camped in 13 states so far.  We love to go antiquing for Christmas M& M ornaments, Disney and Coca-Cola items.


What Friends Say

“Jon & Steph would make wonderful parents. They are loving, caring & have a deep religious faith, with a strong, loyal extended family.” Jon’s parents

“Children are their world. They spend time with nieces and nephews any chance they get. I can’t imagine how lucky a child will be one day to have them as parents.” -Kristin (Steph’s sister)

“I don’t know two people more deserving to become parents. They’ll provide such a happy and loving home to a child.” -Alfred (friend)

“From seeing how they care for their nieces and nephews; they make a great team.”- Jen (Jon’s sister)

“They will be great parents because they are naturally selfless and giving. We see them interact with children on many occasions and they thrive with kids.” -Larissa & Adam (neighbors)

“Jon and Steph have a heart of gold with unconditional love. They are caring, easy-going, and have a great sense of humor. A child would have the greatest gift to have them as parents.” -Stephanie’s parents

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