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Matt and Kathy

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Matt and Kathy

We are excited to share with you our visions for our family’s future.
We envision a home filled with kindness, empathy, and integrity. We understand this decision will be one of the hardest you will ever make. We are honored and humbled to be considered as adoptive parents and acknowledge that the unselfish love a parent expresses by placing their child with an adoptive family is the ultimate gift. Our desire is to create a loving home through relationships with the birth parents that support and benefit the child while also bringing comfort and reassurance to the birth parents.

At A Glance


Matt has a B.A in History with certification to teach High School.
Kathy has a B.A. in English & a B.A. in International/Multicultural Studies.


Matt is a Warehouse Manager in the Food Industry.
Kathy has worked in Fashion Resale for 6 years.


When did you meet and month/year of marriage:
We met in 2010 while studying at college.
We were married on May 12, 2012 and will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary this year.




Information on your home/community:
We moved into our newly built 4 bedroom home in December 2022.
We are within walking distance of close family members as well as multiple parks & playgrounds.


Number of children:
We do not currently have any children


Lucy is an 8 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd & Labrador Retriever Mix who enjoys playing with everyone she meets.


Desired contact with a birth family:
We are open to whatever amount of contact the birth parent(s) prefer.


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?
We want to adopt to experience the joy & blessings of the life-long journey of parenthood.


Childhood Memory:
Matt enjoyed going to Six Flags Great America with his friends and family as a teenager.
Kathy’s favorite memory was traveling to Europe for the first time with her mother and sister.


TV Show/Movie:
Matt – Star Wars
Kathy – Call The Midwife


Matt – Lord of the Rings
Kathy – The White Queen


Matt – enjoys exercising and watching football.
Kathy – likes reading and gardening.


Matt – Lasagna
Kathy – Anything Chocolate


Boating, tubing, water skiing, & fishing with friends at Holiday Island, Arkansas.


Family Tradition:
Going out for brunch on Sundays after church with our family.


Holiday Memory:
We remember the long car rides to and from college together for Christmas breaks.


Fun Facts:
We oftentimes imagine what our dog Lucy would say if she could talk. We even have created a funny voice for her.
We frequently use famous movie quotes in our day-to-day lives.
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