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Michael & Inga

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Michael & Inga


Hi! We may not know you yet, but we do know that you are incredibly special to want the best for your child. Thank you for seeking out options and reading a bit about us. Choosing to consider adoption shows how much love you have and want to give. It’s a decision that will change the lives of so many involved – and one that adoptive parents like us would be forever grateful for.

We were both truly lucky to have close and loving families growing up and can’t wait for the opportunity to have our own family to laugh and enjoy life with!  We wish for you and your baby to find the best path and feel confident in whatever choices you make. We want to be there for you and talk through any questions you might have.



At A Glance

Caucasian – Michael is a mix of mostly Irish with some Dutch mixed in.  Inga has Swedish and other European roots.


Michael & Inga both have a BFA in Graphic Design.


We’re both designers.  Inga freelances; mostly designing for video/media (titles, animations and the occasional logo). Michael works in web design, helping to innovate a few websites in the world.

When did you meet and month/year of marriage:

We met our first year of college, but didn’t start dating seriously until the last couple years there. Inga recognized Michael outside of class and made a point to bump into him! We were married in May, several years after graduating.


We were both raised Christian.

Information on your home/community:

Our home is located on a quiet street that backs up to a bike trail and state park. We’re about a mile away from the lake!  It’s a comfortable house with a large yard and plenty of wildlife outdoors.

Number of children:

We currently only have a fur baby, but would love to add more human members to our family.


We have a dog, Aggie. We adopted her at only five months old and fell in love with her instantly – she’s brought so much joy into our lives.  Aggie is six now, about 26 lbs. and loves to lounge.

Desired contact with a birth family:

It’s important to us to build a relationship, but only one that you feel comfortable with. We’re happy to work through whatever that might be.  We’d like to be open and respectful of everyone’s needs.

In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?

Children bring purpose, giggles and wonder to life – we don’t want to miss out on that journey.

Fun Facts & Favorites
Favorite Things to Collect:

Inga enjoys collecting fabric and plants. Michael’s collections include records and synthesizers.

TV Show/Movie:

Our favorite TV shows lately are:  Stranger Things, The Good Place, Check Please, Ozark, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Silicon Valley, and Crashing.

Favorite Games to Play Together:

We enjoy challenging each other to a game of ping pong, Dr. Mario, Tetris, tennis, Farkle and sometimes Jenga.


Michael’s favorite hobbies are making music and drawing.  Inga likes to sew, garden, bake, thrift and redecorate.


Inga’s favorites are chocolate, rhubarb and gelato.  Michael enjoys tacos, chili, and spaghetti & meatballs.


One of our favorite vacations was a visit to Italy. We saw art, amazing buildings, inspiring coastal towns and ate some great food (and gelato!) along the way.

Favorite Things to Cook Together:

Our favorite things to cook together are chili, pizza, instant pot stew and breakfast!

Favorite Holidays:

Michael’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, Inga’s is Christmas.

Fun Facts:

We enjoy fluffy things:  Whoodles (of course!),  Wheaten terriers,  Alfie the alpaca (he’s must-see on Instagram!) and sea otters

What Friends Say

“Michael and Inga are an amazingly strong couple with a desire to share their lives and their love with a child through adoption. The qualities that will make them exceptional parents shine through in their close and loving relationships within their own families.  They are kind, understanding, dedicated, patient and giving – all while upholding strong values, a sense of humor and a spirit of fun and creativity.” – Michael’s mom


“They would make excellent parents! I have known Inga since childhood, and Inga and Michael as a couple since the early 2000’s. Inga has always been a loyal, attentive, caring and giving friend who puts 110% into everything she does.  Inga and Michael are both highly creative, hardworking partners with a commitment to each other that will provide a safe, nurturing, stable home for a child.” – Ali, longtime friend


“These two possess many qualities that would make them incredible parents. Michael is quiet and thoughtful, and has a goofy sense of humor that makes him great with kids.  He is the oldest of 3, making him a natural leader.  Inga is equally thoughtful, and has a calm and sweet demeanor.  I can only imagine how wonderful of a “hands-on” mother she would be, sharing her hobbies of baking, drawing, gardening, and sewing with a lucky child.” – Michael’s sister

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