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Ricardo & Ruby

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Ricardo & Ruby


We appreciate you taking the time to look at our profile. We understand this is a difficult decision for you, to choose a good loving family to raise your child. We want you to know that you will be a very important part, both in your child’s life and in ours. Because you are giving us the opportunity to be parents, we will always be very grateful. We have a huge family also waiting to love the child as one big family. We would love to show your child our Hispanic heritage and teach them a second language, as well as understand your heritage. These are extremely important to us.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to love, raise, educate, and become a loving family.


At A Glance

Hispanic – Ricardo is Mexican American and Ruby is Colombian.


Ricardo has a high school diploma and
Ruby has an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education.


Ruby and Ricardo are in-home day care providers and Ricardo is also a warehouse agent.

When did you meet and month/year of marriage:

We met in August, 2012 and got married in June, 2016. We love spending time together, embracing our deep love for each other, care, and friendship.


We are both Catholic.

Information on your home/community:

We have a 2 bedroom home with a finished basement and spacious backyard. We live in the North part of Chicago, near a park with ponds and walking paths. Our community is very diverse…

Number of children:

Ricardo has a son who will be 18 years old soon and then we have our fur baby.


We have a small 5 1/2-pound chihuahua named Big-e.

Desired contact with a birth family:

We believe in open adoption with flexibility. Not only is it important for the child, but for you as well. We want the child to know everyone who loves them.

In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?

We want to expand our family, and cannot wait to share our love with a child someday.

Fun Facts & Favorites
Favorite Childhood Memory:

Ricardo: Playing outside and riding bikes with friends and cousins.
Ruby: Playing with dolls and playing outside with friends.

TV Show/Movie:

Ricardo: Watching sports, TV series and loves to binge on documentaries on Netflix
Ruby: Netflix and Spanish stations



Ricardo: Video games, building model cars, and playing basketball at the gym.
Ruby: Dancing Zumba, and listing to music.


We both like Hispanic foods, pasta, pizza, ribs, Chinese food, and we love ice cream!


We both love going on cruises to the Caribbean. We hope to travel to other continents and travel around the United States someday.

Family Tradition:

Spending quality time with our nieces and nephews weekly.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are very special days for us.

Holiday Memory:

Playing games with the whole family during Christmas.

Fun Facts:

We both try to live life to the fullest and enjoy life together.

What Friends Say

“I came to know this couple because Ruby has been the daycare provider for my daughter, Sophia, the past 7 years. Ruby and Ricardo treat my child with all the love and care as they would their own. Not only are they great with my child, they are great with all the other children under their care. Both Ruby and Ricardo are dependable, patient, loving and respectable people with a wonderful demeanor and sense of humor. Ruby and Ricardo would be so excited to welcome a new baby to their loving home. It is my strongest desire that Ruby and Ricardo be able to expand their family through adoption. .” – Eva


“I’ve known Ruby and Ricardo as a couple. They are a responsible, financially stable, loving, and caring couple. Ruby went back to school to get a degree in Child Development. One that will understand her child’s needs and will nurture him/her to become a great human being.”- Laura


“Very lovable and caring couple who would dedicate time in raising a child. They have a supportive home environment. “- Estela

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