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Sal & Deneen

Sal & Deneen

Our adoption journey has been an amazing experience one filled with so many different emotions. We waited a long time, but we knew deep in our hearts that when it was meant to be everything would work out perfectly… and it did.

The day we received the phone call that birth parents had picked us we were ecstatic. Our lifelong dream was going to come true. We met our birth parents one week later thus beginning the most wonderful relationship an adoptive family could have. During the weeks prior to baby Renee’s birth we text messaged & e-mailed during the week and on the weekends we got together and met for lunch. Now let me explain our lunches?they were not ordinary by any means. We could very easily spend 3-4 hours in a restaurant talking about things that needed to be discussed and talking about nothing in particular. The time would fly by. There was so much love and respect between the four of us.

When Renee was born our bond strengthened even more. The sharing of a life between four people who cared so much about one little girl is indescribable in any words. It is a feeling of love so deep down in your soul. The love and respect between us increased immensely. Baby Renee is one lucky little girl!

While at the hospital we were able to meet some of our birth parents’ family. We are so happy that we had that opportunity. On the last day at the hospital we brought scrapbooks, photo albums and all the supplies one needs to make a keepsake book. We asked the nurses to foot print Renee six times so we could put her prints in all the books for all the people who cared about her (birth parents, adoptive parents, and the relatives who came to see her). We printed the pictures we had taken and began putting together our books.

We stayed at a local hotel until the placement ceremony took place. The time we shared together was precious and filled with a lot of emotions, but most of all respect and love for one another.

We continue to keep in close contact with our birth parents and are looking forward to a lifelong relationship with them. We were not aware of the emotions this adoption was going to bring, but we can say with no regrets that it was one of the greatest events of our lives and the result was a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful relationship with two of the most loving birth parents.

Many thanks to Cindy, Sandra and Jennifer for all of your hard work and support, but most of all for bringing our two families together — we are forever grateful.

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