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Tom & George

parents with child

Tom & George

First and foremost, we’d like to thank you for loving your child and having the courage to consider adoption. We greatly admire the strength you’re showing at this difficult time.

With our first adopted daughter, we’ve learned that being a parent means seeing the world through another’s eyes. Parenthood is about spending time together, creating traditions, dancing in the kitchen, coloring, reading, and playing pretend. It’s about the love we have for our child and how we show that love every day.

We’ve seen how well an open adoption can work and how our daughter’s relationship with her birth mother has blessed her life. We’re excited to embark on this journey again and continue to grow our little family.


At a Glance
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Professions: George is an IT consultant and Tom works in IT support.


When Did You Meet and When Did You Get Married?: We met online in 2003, had a commitment ceremony in May of 2007, a civil union in June of 2011, and got married in June of 2014.


Religion: George is Catholic and Tom is Methodist.


Information on Your Home/Community: We love small-town communities where we can get to know everyone, so we live in a four-bedroom home in the country.


Number of Children: We have one 4-year-old daughter named Sophie. She is very excited to be a big sister!


Pets: We have two dogs: Sunny, a Basset Hound mix, and Trevor, a Bluetick Coonhound. They are both very friendly, and Sophie calls Sunny her best friend.


Desired Contact With a Birth Family: We are open to the level of contact you want to have. We regularly visit with our daughter’s birth family and love that she knows her full story thanks to those connections.


In One Sentence, Why Do You Want to Adopt a Child?: Our siblings are some of our best friends, and we want Sophie to have a sibling relationship as well.


Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory: George – My favorite memory is driving to Arizona with my grandparents every year.
Tom – I’ve always loved playing card and board games with my family.
Sophie – I love going to the fair and petting the animals.


TV Show/Movie: George loves Love, Simon.
Tom loves anything Star Wars or Marvel.
Sophie loves anything Disney.


Book: George loves What Did You Do in the War, Sister?
Tom loves The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.
Sophie loves Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.


Hobby: George enjoys tinkering with technology.
Tom enjoys painting.
Sophie likes coloring and Legos.


Food: George will eat any kind of taco.
Tom loves steak and potatoes.
Sophie likes shrimp and edamame.


Vacation: We all agree that our trip to Disneyworld has been our favorite so far, but our trips through Gatlinburg, TN, and to the lake are close seconds.


Family Tradition: George loves having big Christmas Eve dinners with the whole family.
Tom has always enjoyed painting shamrocks on their faces for St. Patrick’s Day.
Sophie is a fan of visiting Nana and Papa at the lake every summer.


Holiday Memory: George – One year, my husband played a prank on my grandmother.
Tom – We do themed Halloween costumes every year and it’s so fun.
Sophie – Grandma’s annual holiday cookie party is always really fun.


Fun Facts: George loves fitness and has done seven Tough Mudders.
Tom enjoys performing in community plays on stage.


What Friends Say

“Tom and George are down to earth and family oriented parents. They put their family first in all their life decisions. In their parenting, they teach about diversity and embrace it. Tom and George build self confidence within their child, while having a silly and positive relationship” -Sophia’s Birthmom


“Tom & George open their hearts & home unconditionally, with the love & laughter only found in people that genuinely care” — Sherri (friend)

“They have always made the unique circumstances of open adoption a priority. Sophie knows she has a lot of family members that love her very much” — Sue (Sophie’s birth grandmother)

“They are the best kind of parents with a very fun, loving, family centered home” — Angela (friend)

“Their love for each other, Sophie, and those closest to them is unconditional. It makes you feel seen, heard, & important. I am so grateful my son has them for uncles & role models” — Alyssa (George’s sister-in-law)

“They are genuinely amazing people” — Francis (friend)

“They are wonderful parents. Sophie is confident, intelligent, independent, & ready to be an amazing big sister” — Steve (Tom’s brother)

“They are full of love, joy, & happiness. They are extraordinary fathers devoted to their family & friends” — Samantha (friend)

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