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Tony & Caitlin

happy couple and child

Tony & Caitlin

We truly admire your courage in making the decision to make an adoption plan. It is our absolute dream to grow our family through adoption. The conversation of adoption being a part of our forever plan happened way before we got married. We know with everything in our souls that we are meant to give love to another child in life. We promise you that we will never take a day for granted being parents to your baby. We promise you a home for your baby that is safe and secure, and full of love and play. We promise to always speak positively of you and to tell your baby that their adoption story was an act of intense love. We promise to foster their connection to their cultural identity and to figure out an adoption that comforts you.


At A Glance
Ethnicity: Tony: Italian & Lithuanian, Caitlin: Polish & Ukrainian


Education: Tony: Bachelors in CommunicationsCaitlin: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work & Master’s Degree in Special Education


Professions: Tony: LogisticsCaitlin: Currently a “Stay At Home Mom”


When did you meet and month/year of marriage: We meet in 2007 through mutual friends. Tony proposed at an annual Kickball For A Cure fundraiser. We got married on 12/31/2016, ringing in the New Year with over 250 of our family and friends.


Religion: Christian

Information on your home/community:

We live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Our town has so much to offer: education and play. We have a newly remodeled, brick colonial that is 5 bedrooms, and 2 1/2 baths, with the best neighbors.

Number of children:

We have a 4-year-old biological son named Anthony! He is very caring, loves sports and pretend play. We are excited for Anthony and Baby to have eachother & make a life time of memories together.

Pets: Not at this time.


Desired contact with a birth family:
We are open to an adoption plan that you feel most comfortable and supported with. We are open to sending continuous life updates by letter/email, and pictures and open to visits & video calls.


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?
We have so much love in our hearts that we wish to share with another child.


Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory:
Tony: Cooking with my Dad & participating in youth sports teams.
Caitlin: Going camping and fishing for our family vacation.


TV Show/Movie:
Tony: ESPN & all the crazy reality shows Caitlin watches (haha)
Caitlin: Documentaries and reality shows.


Hobby: Tony: Hockey & Cooking
Caitlin: Reading & Yoga


Food: Tony: Italian Beef
Caitlin: Gluten-Free Pasta & Tacos


Vacation: Tony & Caitlin: Our honeymoon traveling through Italy. We had the best time of our lives out there and plan to go back out there with our kids.


Family Tradition: Tony: Christmas Eve fish feast
Caitlin: Every Sunday, since being a little kid, we got together with my family on my Mom’s side of the family for “spaghetti dinner”.


What Friends Say: Check out our adoption website to learn more about us and read some references from our family/friends!
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