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Adoption Process for Expectant Mothers

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Contact Hopeful Beginnings

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, call us at 847-870-8181. You can talk with a counselor who will ask you some basic questions. You should feel comfortable asking the counselor questions as well. You won’t be pressured. From this call on (even after your pregnancy), you and your needs become a priority to us. Our services are free and you are under no obligation to work with Hopeful Beginnings. Making the first call is an important step to getting reliable, unbiased information about your options and the support you need to make a plan that is best for you and your baby.

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Meet With A Counselor

You might have felt scared or unsure of who to talk with about your pregnancy. When you work with Hopeful Beginnings, your counselor will be there for you whenever you want to talk. She will travel to a location that is most convenient for you and together, you can explore your options, and talk about your feelings and concerns related to your unplanned pregnancy – all in an effort to help you and your baby. Your counselor also will talk with you to make sure you are informed of your Birth Parent Rights and Responsibilities and are aware of adoption facts.

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If You Choose To Make An Adoption Plan…

If you decide to place your baby for adoption, Hopeful Beginnings will help you create an adoption plan specifically tailored to your needs. You can choose the adoptive family for your baby and have the option of meeting with them prior to the baby’s birth.

Hopeful Beginnings thoroughly screens and educates prospective adoptive families to ensure that they will provide a loving and stable home for your child. If you wish to have continued contact following placement, Hopeful Beginnings will help you establish an on-going relationship with your baby’s adoptive family through pictures, letters, phone calls, and visits. The level of openness in your relationship in which you are most comfortable with will be respected. Whichever adoption plan you choose, Hopeful Beginnings counselors are here to support you for as long as you might need assistance.

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When Your Baby Is Born

Understandably, birth parents often become overwhelmed with emotions surrounding the birth of their baby. Your counselor will come to the hospital to provide you with support and counseling during this time. As your advocate, your counselor will work alongside the hospital staff to ensure your needs are met during your hospital stay. If adoption is still your plan, your counselor will proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Illinois law states that birth mothers must wait 72 hours after the baby’s birth before signing any legal adoption paperwork. Your counselor will discuss your options for the baby’s stay during these three days, as well as the next steps in your plan.

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Your level of involvement in placement is up to you. Some birth mothers choose to have a placement ceremony, while others decide that they would rather not be at the child’s placement. Regardless, your Hopeful Beginnings counselor will be there to support you.

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Keeping In Touch

Although making an adoption plan is a selfless, loving decision, it can also be a difficult one. Your counselor is available to meet with you after placement for as long as you need help in the healing process. Hopeful Beginnings has other birth parents who you can talk with about your feelings, as they likely experienced something similar. It is important to remember that hopeful Beginnings always is a resource to you, regardless of when your adoption occurred. We understand that adoption is a life-long journey and we will be there for you throughout the entire trip.

If you are pregnant and would like to speak to someone immediately, please call 847-870-8181 or text HOPE1 to 67076.

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