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Hey Mammas – listen to your body

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Hey Mammas – listen to your body



Hey mamas, what is your body trying to tell you? Take a moment. Check-in. How did that deep breathe in and out feel? Can you tip that head to one side then the next to release some of that neck tension? Is there bloating, cramping, aching, or other pain that we have breezed by on a daily basis?

From the moment our little one enters the world, we put them first. Fast forward a few months and then years, we may turn a deaf ear to our own body aches, pain, and other symptoms. Here is your reminder that you need medical care as well. Pushing through pain, whether dental, muscular, etc., for the sake of putting everyone else first has to end. As impossible as it sounds, you would make it happen for your children, so make it happen for you. Schedule that OB visit for the weird and uncomfortable pain. Talk to a doctor about your chronic back pain. See the eye doctor for an updated prescription. Go to the dentist for that preventative cleaning. If you needed a sign or a final push to get that appointment scheduled for yourself, Mama, this is it! Your body is the only body that you will receive in this life. Nurture it. Love it. Take care of it.

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