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Matt and Kayla

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Matt and Kayla

Hello, we are Matt and Kayla, and we are so grateful you are here. We cannot imagine the amount of thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. The path that lead you to considering adoption has undoubtably been difficult, and we do not take that lightly. Although we may not be able to relate to your experiences first hand, we hope you can feel our support as you seek the best option for you and your child.
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about who we are, and what we value as a family. We wish you strength and clarity as you move forward in your journey. If given a chance to be a part of that journey, we look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and learn about your vision for your child’s life.

At A Glance


Matt obtained his paramedic license in 2016 and attended NIPSTA fire academy in 2018. Kayla graduated Cosmetology school in 2015, and later got her real estate license in 2021.


Matt is a career firefighter/paramedic with a strong passion for the job. Kayla is a real estate broker with the ability to work from home most days.


When did you meet and month/year of marriage:
We met in 2012 when we were both in high school. We married November of 2018.




Information on your home/community:
We bought our 4 bedroom home in 2018, in a very family friendly community with award winning schools. We have over 35 parks and regular community events allowing us to connect with other families.


Number of children:
We do not currently have any children


Boyd, our beagle mix, is the perfect, easygoing companion dog. We rescued him in 2017.
Honey, our American bully, is our sweet and nurturing girl. We rescued her in 2021.


Desired contact with a birth family:
Our level of openness will depend on the comfort level of our child’s birthparents. Our hope is for our child to feel love from all parties involved in their life’s journey as often as possible.


In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?
We want to grow our family and would love the chance to provide a loving space for a child to thrive


Childhood Memory:
Matt- My brothers and I all wrestled and I loved spending weekends at tournaments together
Kayla- Going camping with my parents and sister


TV Show/Movie:
Matt- The Office
Kayla- Big Daddy, but I’m most excited to show my kids The Goonies


Matt likes to practice jiu jitsu.
Kayla enjoys training our dogs in her free time.


Matt- Cheeseburgers
Kayla- Pizza


Our anniversary road trip to NC. We spent hours driving through the twists of the mountains and the beauty was indescribable.


Family Tradition:
Going to Matt’s parents’ lake house in the summer


Holiday Memory:
Baking cookies all day the Sunday before Christmas with Kayla’s whole family


Fun Facts:
We both share a love for the fall. We also love animals and try to go to the zoo a couple times a year. Matt’s favorites are the gorillas and Kayla loves giraffes. She even got to feed and pet them!
What Friends Say
“I’ve known Kayla since she was born, good friends of her parents and aunts and uncles. I’ve always been amazed how mature, and responsible she’s been it’s no wonder how she’s become such a great person in life. I’ve only known Matt as long as they’ve been together, and I completely understand how she fell in love with him. He’s an awesome guy with so much energy for his family, he needs a little one to run him rugged. Whenever I see them for years now, I always ask how the process is going, I can’t wait for the day to ask how their baby is doing. I know these two would be some of the best parents and have all the support, love and foundation around them between their family and friends. You could just see the way they treat their dogs and know this home they have is a great place for any child to be raised. Love you Kayla and Matt”
-Andy (Lifelong friend)


“We have known Matt and Kayla together for the last 12 years. Ever since they first met, they have shown nothing but compassion and commitment for each other. They have always shown amazing kindness and love to their friends and family. Matt has always been a leader who exhibits nothing but genuine trustworthiness and support. Kayla is truly the most compassionate and strong person I know. Matt and Kayla put their all towards their loved ones. Both set amazing examples when interacting with children of friends\family. There is nothing that would prevent them from being the loving and committed parents we know they can be. They are a source of joy, comfort, and love for anyone they interact with.”
-Cynthia and Chris (Family and the best friends)


“Kayla and Matt have a loving, unwavering relationship which makes a beautiful marriage. This child will grow up in a family where they will be loved and cherished their whole life. They both have so much love and time to give. Kaylas and Matts active lifestyle will encourage a child to thrive and grow. They have a great family and friend support system.”
-Mike and Michele (Matt’s parents)


“We can’t wait to welcome a beautiful addition to a family that is ready and waiting with open arms.”
– Joe and Heather (Kayla’s dad and stepmom)


“Kayla and Matt are the true definition of love. As a mother, I know that if they have each other, I have nothing to worry about. They are going to make amazing parents to any child to come into their lives”
-Jaclyn (Kayla’s mom)
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