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Calm in the Storm

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Calm in the Storm


“Is it always going to be like this?”. There are times when it seems non-stop. Whether it’s a season of non-stop illnesses or a never-ending custody battle or your own nameless personal battle in motherhood, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Functioning with physical and emotional fatigue long-term can lead to hopelessness. Depending on your situation, it may never fully be “done”. Closure may be evasive. Seeking counseling during these difficult seasons in life can be helpful as you can receive validation, an outsider perspective for any missed opportunities for change or growth, and assistance with identifying ways to find calm in the storm. There are many times where our clients identify therapy sessions (whether in-person or virtual) as the only time that week our clients were able to breathe and have a moment to truly hear their own thoughts. If you need to put on Bluey or Miss Rachel in order to log onto a telehealth session, there is no judgment here. Consider today what a counseling space could do for you during the storm in your life.

Adjusting to Motherhood Counseling

by Olivia Espinosa

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