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Children’s Illnesses

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Children’s Illnesses

Children’s illnesses and when to know if and when things are serious and your child has to be transported to the hospital.  First of all, before baby is born, it is important to either ask for a medical kit and a cold vaporizer.  A good thermometer is very important to purchase.  You can call the Doctor’s office nurse to see what their preference is for a thermometer.  They consider a fever to be a temperature of 100.4 and they want to hear what the baby’s signs and symptoms.  It is a good idea to get a pad of paper to write down things like lethargic, how many wet diapers per hour, number of stools, consistency, odor if off, etc.  Is baby crying more than they usually do?  What seems to be different with the baby?  How is baby’s appetite?  How is he sleeping, Is he drinking fluids, Is baby hot to touch?  Is there a rash, if so, color, elevated bumps, and a good description.  The provider may ask you to take a picture of the rash and send it to them.  If there is a rash, high fever, coughing, etc, they may request that you come in an alternative entrance to the office as not to get the other children sick.

Then, make sure you’re prepared to jot down any instructions. Have your pharmacy’s contact information ready, too.

Being prepared will save you and your baby’s health care provider time during a phone call, office visit or emergency situation.

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