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A Mom’s Happy Place

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A Mom’s Happy Place

Happy Space


Do you have a happy space?

My house on a regular basis is overflowing with sippy cups, stuffed animals, crayons, and bags (for some reason?). I know I must not be the only one tripping over last month’s Happy Meal toy or feeling the millions of crumbs stuck to the bottom of my feet. With the visual and physical overstimulation, it can be enough to drive a mama bonkers.

When I ask about a happy space, I don’t necessarily mean a room. I don’t even mean a corner if you don’t have one available. When I thought of how I wanted to design my daughters’ nurseries, my goal was to create a calming space. Now, “calm” is not necessarily the word I would use to describe the vibe earlier this morning at 4AM when my daughter woke up hysterical, but I have a wall decoration that I put together that included greenery and colors that I find soothing. When I gaze at it as I rock my little one to sleep, I feel a warm feeling in my chest and I take a deep breath. Maybe you don’t have a full nursery to decorate, but is there a piece in your house that brings your joy or the warmth I described? Sometimes, the act of simply gazing and enjoying studying a piece hanging in your home, using the bright, cheery, and soft dish towels, or observing the “growth” of a beautiful faux plant is enough. Whether you’re in your living space for a few months, years, or decades, it’s an act of acceptance of the present and self-care to have something on your walls or in your home that brings you joy, peace, warmth, etc. So go find and create your happy space, mama!

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