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Changes as infants get older

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Changes as infants get older



As mommas, we learn from early on in our motherhood that structure is key (if we haven’t already learned this in our own lives). We learn nap schedules can “make or break” us. We learn how one swaddle versus the other can ensure a good night’s sleep and the other sleeplessness. As we adjust to this new way of life, we can adapt a rigidity to life that unfortunately can sabotage us in the future. Coming out of the fog at three, four, five, six months post-partum or even beyond that can leave mommas disoriented and clinging to the schedule that allowed them to survive to this point. Counterintuitively, there is a peace found in releasing what you can bear to release. The fear of change could be refusing to step outside or engaging in activities outside of our home regularly with our babies/toddlers due to the fear of change and a break in the schedule. Stepping outside might mean we impact the wake windows or require us to learn new skills such as changing a diaper on the go. The fear of change can paralyze some of us to stay in places where we know our mental health is taking a hit. Wherever fear of change is paralyzing you, I encourage you to lean in instead of leaning out. We might not become “loosey goosey” with all change nor should we be expected to, but identify small ways in your life you can challenge that fear. If you struggle to know where to start, therapy is a safe place to do so. You may discover the ability of your child’s brain as it gathers new information and learns new skills at an incredibly insane rate. You might even create a few new neural pathways yourself. There’s no shame in the small steps.

by: Olivia Espinosa

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