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Mother’s – Not Good Enough?


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Mother’s – Not Good Enough?

Not Good Enough If you’re like me, you’ve yelled at your kids. If you’re like me, you’ve felt so overstimulated at times you think you may combust into a million pieces. If you’re like me, you’ve impatiently and unrealistically hurried your little ones thru the putting-shoes-on-process. If you’re like me, you’ve begged, “PLEASE….

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Tired Parents of a Newborn

“YOU’RE tired? I’M tired!” The newborn stage can be difficult for a variety of reasons. As mothers, we can usually understand our newborn’s frustration as they are new to the world and are too cute for us to be too irritated with them for too long. What we may struggle with more is…

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Did I Fail My Children?

“I’ve Failed”.   This is a phrase commonly uttered in counseling. So many of us parents feel as if we have failed our children at one time or another. This could be brought on by our pediatrician telling us our child needs additional developmental support or more of a certain nutrient in their…

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