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Starting Counseling


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Starting Counseling

First and foremost, I am proud of you. Starting counseling no matter what takes bravery. It can be very difficult for people to seek help for a variety of reasons. This can be related to a lack of a support system, cultural or societal norms still stigmatizing mental illness and counseling, lack of…

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how to talk to kids about the news

How to talk to kids about the news

I have always been a bit of a news junky – I feel better being informed about the status of the world. I enjoy politics (or rather am enthralled by them) and watching the news just makes me feel a bit smarter. However, as my children have grown and have come to understand…

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Free counseling for Mothers

One of the biggest draws for me personally to the work being done at Hopeful Beginnings is the amazing service of free counseling for mothers experiencing post-partum depression and difficulty transitioning to motherhood. Those that know me undoubtedly know that I am a mother to three very active young boys and the road…

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Used baby items

Considerations for Used Baby Items   During pregnancy, it is very easy for an expectant mom to feel overwhelmed by all of the options and the expenses for baby items. A mom might wonder how she is going to afford the items or what items might work well even if they have been…

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Virtual and In Person Counseling

Types of Counseling:  Virtual or In Person Hopeful Beginnings is working in coordination with the CDC guidelines in providing free counseling services for women that we serve.  First of all, all of our counseling services are free of charge either virtually or in person.  Women now have the choices to pick the type…

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Pregnancy counseling

Pregnancy, as much as you want it to happen, there is a sense of shock, disbelief, and the feeling of you may not be ready!  These are normal feelings by both you and your partner.  You may even think about feeling this is an unplanned pregnancy.  Even when you may be involved with…

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