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When to take your child the Emergency Room

Emergency Room

When to take your child the Emergency Room


There will be times where your child might not feel well. You might start to panic because you do not know what to do. You only know that your child is not okay and that you need to seek medical help immediately. However, how do you distinguish the difference between going to your healthcare provider and going to the emergency room?

If you are unsure if to go to the emergency room, you could call your primary physician and mention all the child’s symptoms. They will be able to tell you if your child is in a life-threatening situation.

How to prepare before going to the ER?

· Medication: Make sure that you have all the medication or a list of all medication that the child is currently taking.

· Other medication/objects: Bring any other medication or other objects that the child might have ingested.

· Know information: Make sure to know the details of the child’s problem. For example, “when the problem began (the time of injury or how many days your child has been sick) (Clarkin, 2018). What the symptoms are and when the child last had anything to eat or drink. Also, what treatments and medicines you have already tried (Clarkin, 2018).

· Medical history: Have in hand any records that might indicate any previous hospitalizations and illnesses. Provide any information about immunizations.

· Provide other information: Know your primary physician’s information, namely, phone number and location.

· Plan ahead: Making sure that you have a ride and have someone who might be able to translate in case you are not English speaking.

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