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Marriage and a New Baby

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Marriage and a New Baby

Maintaining A Good Marriage While Managing A New Baby

You and your significant other recently got married or have been married for a while. Both of you are happy enjoying each other’s company and living a happy life. Then one day, both of you find out that you’re having a baby. It’s very exciting being able to bring a child into this world. Everyone is preparing for the arrival of the new baby. Once the baby is here, both of you realize that it’s quite difficult to maintain a good relationship with each other. There has to be a balance between everyone.

Things to do to maintain a good marriage:

  • Communication: Communication is essential. If you or your significant other have any concerns, it’s best to talk about them. The sooner a conversation is initiated, the sooner things can get resolved. Also, having good communication can be reassuring. It lets you know that marriage is good or if there are things to work on.
  • Alone time: You and your significant other should find time to be alone. Yes, taking care of the newborn is important. However, finding some alone time to enjoy each other’s company can be beneficial. You can go on dates or do other things that both of you enjoyed doing before the baby was born. It’s okay to take a little break from taking care of the baby. You can leave the baby to a family member while you go and enjoy each other. This can help to keep the romance and love alive in the marriage.
  • Sleep: Sleep is very important. Both of you should find time to sleep, even if it’s difficult with a newborn. If you don’t sleep, then it “means less energy, less patience, and more chance of having an argument” (Relate, n.d.). You should develop a plan to decide who will stay awake and take care of the baby while the other person sleeps. If everyone collaborates, then things can be smoother.
  • Planning: Once you have a newborn, there won’t be much free time because there is always something that the baby needs. If you want, you could plan things before the baby gets here. You could babyproof your home and make sure that all the baby’s clothes are washed and organized. Once the baby is born, you can decide who does who at what time and for how long. This all depends on the baby’s necessities, but at least you will be a bit prepared.


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