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Self Care during Covid

self care

Self Care during Covid

Self-Care and good weather coming….
As Social Workers and Hospital Professionals, our days become fast-paced and hectic. We all
have different relaxation activities to unwind and relax our bodies and mind. During the current
pandemic, there have been so many changes with our social gatherings as well as our everyday
routines. These changes make us feel like the world came to a standstill.
Exercise has always been one of the mental and physical escapes for many individuals. During
these trying times, Covid-19 has made us become more cautious with planting doubt in
continuing with our stress-relieving routines. However, physical activity has become one of the
most important recommendations for people of all ages in order to benefit their health and
wellbeing (WHO, 2020). Exercise can also become a way to stay in contact with your family and
Here are some tips of what you can do to stay safe during the pandemic while exercising:
-If you experience any symptoms please stay home and rest. Reach out to your doctor for further
-If you exercise outside or in a public open space, keep social distance from other individuals and
wash/sanitize your hands when you leave, arrive home, or get to where you are going.
-Choose the right exercise to reduce the risk of injury. Listen to your body on intensity level while
allowing yourself to breathe comfortably during the workout.
We must remind ourselves that exercise can help depression, stress, anxiety, and the management of
chronic conditions. You must remind yourself of the benefits that come with your disciplined
exercise regime. There will always be unexpected disruptions, however, making sure that your
body is active will create a positive impact on not only your body but most importantly your
World Health Organization. (2020). Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Staying active.,%2C%20flexibility%20and%20fitness

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