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Winter Blues

Winter Blues 2

Winter Blues

 At this point, it’s no secret that winter blues are a real thing. Add the extra barriers that mothers face in getting out of the house, such as packing a full diaper bag, finding everyone’s hats, coats, gloves, the nightmare of getting everyone buckled in while you stand in the cold, assembling a stroller in the slush, the list goes on…. That being said, I’ve heard many mothers say they are waiting until the warmer weather to step outside the house. Everyone has their own limits (temperature, stamina, health, etc.). If your little one has specific needs and you’ve received your physicians’ advice otherwise, please know this is not meant to push anyone outside of doctor’s recommendations or any weather advisories for that matter. For everyone else, let me gently challenge the general population out there to push back against the winter blues and/or social anxiety, and encourage you to do the opposite of your default. Staying inside the whole winter impacts us negatively and our little ones. I’m not even saying go play in the snow. Even if you just push your stroller around Target, it still counts. Yes, even if it took an hour to get everyone dressed and in the car. So, here’s your gentle challenge for this wintry day, get out of the house! Go. Don’t fear the slush. Don’t fear the wind. Don’t fear the tantrums. You will get through them all and feel more confident in your parenting survival skills because of it. If you need further support in setting personal and social goals as a new mamma utilize telehealth counseling appointments to start with and graduate to in-person when you’re ready. We hope to see you there soon!

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by Olivia Espinosa



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