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Hopeful Beginnings of St. Mary’s Services was established in 1887, with the vision of providing every child a good home. We continue this mission with adoption services and maternity counseling services.


Telehealth Counseling

Telehealth What is all this hype about Telehealth? Well, Telehealth is a way to communicate effectively with both the sender and receiver being able to hear a voice, see a facial expression, and note a person’s body language. It is the next best thing to having an appointment in person. The only thing…

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open adoption

Benefits of an Open Adoption

When I think about our open adoption through Hopeful Beginnings today as we have navigated through these days of COVID uncertainty, one idea is 100% certain. We have the BEST open adoption for us! Hopeful Beginnings continues to support our birth mother with any issues around her new family as well as helping…

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Flu Shot Facts

Importance of the Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot)   Every once in awhile, people get sick. We tend to see people sick around the time that the weather begins to change. Since people get the flu, the flu researchers developed a flu shot that can protect people from getting it. However, what is the…

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Adoption Options

Adoption Child Welfare defines adoptions as the social, emotional, and legal process in which children who will not be raised by their birth parents become full and permanent legal members of another family while maintaining genetic and psychological connections to their birth family. There are different types of adoption in the United States:…

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Strategies for Parents with Young Children this School Year

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some tips on parenting in a pandemic. Find this information and more at • Address children’s fear as they rely on their parents for safety, both physically and emotionally: -Answer questions about the pandemic simply and as honestly as you can -Recognize your child’s feelings -Maintain…

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Open Adoption

Open adoption is a term that newer to the general public, but is encouraged and celebrated at Hopeful Beginnings. In an open adoption, a birth family and adoptive family have communication and a relationship continuing after the baby is placed with the adoptive family. This can cover a range of frequency and communication…

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Adoption Myths and Misconceptions

Adoption. The word “adoption” can be associated with many different emotions as well as stereotypes and sometimes even horror stories. These inaccurate speculations cause many families to stray away from growing their family through adoption. Below are five common myths about adoption that we have debunked for you: Birth parents are always teen…

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Adoption means to me…….

  My previous ideas about adoption were very different from what I know now.. My nephews were adopted from Romania. Of course, our family all knew they were adopted. My niece, now an adult, who looks very much like her adopted mother, still does not know she was adopted. Neither family situation knew…

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3 Components to a Healthy Relationship

3 Components to a Healthy Relationship Communication Communication is key. Keeping open & healthy communication helps a relationship flow. You should be able to express yourself when you are happy, sad, or mad. If there are things you don’t like, talk things out by listening & understanding. An unhealthy relationship is seen as…

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Am I Pregnant?

Missing one or more menstrual periods is a classic sign of pregnancy. But this can be tricky for women, whose periods aren’t yet regular. It can also be tricky for girls whose cycles are off as a result of excessive dieting or exercise, low body fat from sports, or hormonal disorders like PCOS….

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