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How to teach a child to self-soothe


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Children and Divorce

Why do children feel that a divorce means they did something wrong? Emotions can be extremely overpowering as an adult, for children they are drastically heightened. Divorce is a stressful and emotional experience for not only the adult but more so for the children. Children have a difficult time processing the situation due…

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Why you shouldn’t spank your child

As a parent, the first response to a child acting up is discipline. Due to generational patterns and behaviors, many of us learned that spanking was the first and foremost form of discipline. According to Robert Sege and Benjamin Siegel (2018), there is a strong correlation between corporal punishment being linked to and…

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Should you trust a babysitter to watch your child?

  Parents might be occupied with different responsibilities throughout the week. They might rely on family members and friends to watch their kids while they are occupied. Some parents might seek a babysitter to help them feel a little less stressed with everything that they have going on. Things to consider · Preferences:…

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